How to Steam Clean a Mattress-Full Step by Step Guide

After using a mattress, it became dirty. Who wants to sleep on a messy bed! So we try to get rid of it. One of the best solutions on how to steam clean a mattress. You can easily remove odor, dirt, bed bugs, dust, and stickiness on your mattress. We should clean our mattress regularly.

But what if we make some silly mistakes when you steam clean your mattress! This mistake can damage our bed. And give an uncomfortable sleep. So be aware of making this mistake, we discuss this entire thing step by step. And we always try to provide easy solutions as possible.

Things you need

Steam clean your mattress; when you have enough time on your hand. If you have another bed then use it until your mattress dries completely. You can start this process early in the morning, so you can get enough time to clean and dry. To continue the process we need:

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Vinegar
  • Baking soda
  • Essential oil
  • Towels
  • Water
  • Steam cleaner.

Vacuum the Mattress

how to clean vomit from memory foam mattress

First of all, we clean the mattress with a vacuum cleaner. A handheld vacuum machine will be a good option for you. Most memory foam mattresses have stitched covers that become dirty, stains over it. So use a vacuum and clean the mattress.

We vacuum the mattress, not the topper. Also, take care of its type and age. We don’t recommend you to use the hot water method on a memory foam mattress. It may damage your bed.

You must clean your mattress topper and pillows regularly. They absorb dirt, dead skin cells, sweat a lot, and make dirty your mattress. Let them wash and dry them on high heat and sanitize them.

Remove puke smell

If your mattress smells bad, you can use baking soda to remove the odors from your bed. You just spread the entire area with baking soda before you start to vacuum the bed. You can add some essential oil, which gives you extra freshness.

The quantity of baking soda depends on the mattress size, for a twin-size mattress you need at last 1 cup or 240 ml baking soda. For a queen or king-sized bed, you may require a full box of baking soda. Depends on your mattress size, you can adjust the quantity.You also add lavender, peppermint, or natural Fragrance to remove dust mites and odors.

Remove stains

To remove stains you can use white vinegar and detergent. With a help of a sponge, put the vinegar into the sporty area. Put all the ingredients at last one hour, but if the stains and the bad smell are too strong then you can let the baking soda or detergent more than 24 hours.

Do not use too much liquid, it takes more time to dry completely after wash it.

Steam the mattress

When you have done all the process, like, vacuuming, removing stains, and bad smell. Start steaming your mattress. Collect a steam machine or, you can use an iron or a clothes steamer or a large commercial steamer.

Make sure the water is hot enough to kill bacteria, bugs, and dust mites. Move slowly and steam every corner of the mattress but not touching the mattress. If the mattress looks too wet, then hold the steamer farther from the mattress.

If your mattress is one-sided, you need not stream the underside of your mattress. If your mattress is double-sided and you can flip your mattress, don’t flip your mattress until it is dry completely. This process is optional; if you think the bottom side of your mattress is getting dirty, then you do this.

Dry the upper side of your mattress, then flip it and restart the whole process. Before using a steam machine, you need to know how to use it and follow every dos and don’ts.

Let It Dry

After steaming the bed, let it dry. It can take 2 to 4 hours or more depends on how wet your mattress is. You can dry the mattress into the sunlight, or set up a fan or open the window and dry the mattress.

You can use dry towels into the wet area and press forcefully to absorb moisture and let the bed dry.

Don’t use your mattress until it dries completely. Until it dry, you can use another bed or start the steaming process early in the morning so you can get enough time to steam and dry it into the sunlight.

How to clean vomit or urine from a memory foam mattress

If you have kids in your house, it is a common problem.

  • First of all, eliminate the vomit or urine with a tissue paper.
  • Cover the stained area with vinegar, detergent or shampoo, baking soda, and blot it out.
  • Spray down and blot again.
  • Vacuum up
  • Steam the whole area, and
  • Wait! Until it dries completely.
  • Your bed is clean and ready for use.

How to remove mold from mattress

If fungus attacks the mold, it causes several health issues, especially if you are an asthmatic patient. You can remove mold from your mattress in many ways. I give you three easy ways to unmold your mattress.

  1. Rubbing alcohol: Vacuum both sides of the mattress, mix rubbing alcohol and hot water. Scrub the mixture into the mold. Rinse the area and spray with disinfectants. Let the mattress dry.

2. Hydrogen peroxide: This is a long process. First of all, check the label. Most manufacturers advise not to bleach the mattress so, you can choose another method.

In the hydrogen peroxide method, first of all, vacuum both sides prepare the mixture. Add hydrogen peroxide 1 part and worm water 3parts in a jar. Scrub the mixture into the mold. Put the bed into the sunlight and spray a little bit on the surface. Repeat the process and dry it in the sun.

3. Mattress cleaner: Sometimes, it is impossible to get rid of the fungus. In this situation, call a professional cleaner.

Steaming benefits

  • Your mattress is clean and stains-free.
  • It kills the bugs and removes mold fungus and other insects.
  • It removes dust, bad smell, and gives you a fresh feeling.
  • Your mattress looks new and lasts longer.

So, try to steam your mattress regularly.


Steam clean is an environmentally friendly way to get rid of dust, dirt, smells, dead skin cells, bed bugs, and fungus. We recommend you to buy a mattress protector. It will add you to an extra layer of protection between your bed and your body.

If your bedroom is a cold or dry place, then put your bed into the sunlight. Avoid throwing wit towels or cloths into your bed. Try to steam your bed every 2 to 3 months later.

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