How to Measure a Mattress Before Buying it

Measuring the mattress plays a significant role to ensure it properly fits within the bed. Unfortunately, there are many instances of returning the unfitted mattress to the store. You’ll get various mattresses having different sizes in the store or online.

So knowing the standard measurement for a specific design won’t work. So you have to pay more attention to how to find the right mattress. Many of us don’t know how to measure a mattress for different sizes of beds.

The measuring way is effortless but tricky. You need some simple tools during the measurement, for instance-inch tape; steel, wood, or fabric ruler; a piece of paper; and a pencil. In this article, we’ll describe an easy but accurate measurement of the mattress for your better understanding.

Measure a mattress height and width

daybed mattress dimensions

Take an inch tape and measure between the head and foot of the mattress. In this way, we can get the mattress height. Now, place the tape on one side of the mattress and then pull it until it touches the other side. Here you can repeat the method for your satisfaction.

Measure a mattress depth

Generally, the height or depth of the mattress has an essential role in overall comfortability. The standard thickness of the mattress is 9 or 12 inches.  If the depth is between 6 and 8 inches, then it is called low thickness. Moreover, 12 to 15 inches are considered as high thickness. Determining mattress depth is a little tricky. You can follow the below-mentioned steps for the depth measurement.

  • Firstly, raise your mattress gently.
  • Secondly, insert a straight edge of scale or yardstick. So, it gets between box spring and mattress.
  • Then, put another straight edge of the scale on top of the mattress.
  • Finally, measure the distance between the two straight edges by a measuring tape or ruler.

How should a mattress fit on a the frame?

The bed frame is a structure where the mattress is accommodated entirely. Well, the bed frame should be matched with the mattress in a way that there’ll be no gap between the mattress and the bed frame. If the mattress is larger than the frame, the mattress may bend, which will cause sagging.

Similarly, a smaller mattress than the frame will cause the mattress to move on each side. So, for a long-lasting mattress, you need the mattress that will perfectly fit within the frame.

What is a daybed mattress?

A Daybed is designed to serve two purposes. It offers a fancy sofa during the day and a comfortable place to sleep at night. No matter for what purpose you’re using it, the comfortability mostly varies on mattress type and quality.

In the end, the firmness and daybed mattress size depends on your choice. The daybed has three essential parts- frame, mattress, and optional trundle. A trundle is an optional part that can be pulled out from under the daybed if you need an extra bed.

What size mattress is a daybed?

A daybed is thicker than a regular mattress. Although an average mattress is 8 to 12 inches thick, the thickness of daybed is between 6 to 8 inches. Important to point out that the daybed mattress should be at least six inches thick. Important to underline that, thickness less than 6 inches can feel your discomfort.

Generally, the size of a daybed mattress is found in a standard bed sized, for example-twin, narrow twin, full and queen size. Likewise, they fit in their respective mattress properly. The size of the mattress calls daybeds they will take. We are mentioning below some daybed mattress dimensions considered as standard measurements.

  • Narrow Twin Daybed 30″ x 75″
  • Twin Daybed 39″ x 75″
  • Twin xl Daybed 39″ x 80″
  • Daybed Full 54″ x 75″
  • Queen Daybed 60″ x 80″

Here, the most popular daybed mattress size is twin daybed (39″ x 75″) as twin bed is designed both for sitting and sleeping.

Narrow twin mattress dimensions

Narrow twin is a daybed mattress that can be easily placed in a narrow room. Though its dimension is less than a regular twin, you can easily sit on a narrow twin. Moreover, you can put some cushions in the rest of the spaces to feel you more comfortable.

Although you can take a nap on narrow twin but won’t be able to sleep. 4 inches depth, narrow twin memory foam mattress is a new comfortable size for narrow twin bed. This narrow twin size will give memory foam conforming comfort with 75 inches height and 30 inches width, cot size.

Bunk bed mattress measurements

The Bunk bed mattress is almost similar to innerspring or foam mattress having less thickness. Compared with the standard size of 9-12 inches mattress, bunk bed mattress depth is up to a maximum of 8 inches. Mattresses with large thickness can put excessive pressure, which makes the bunk bed frame damaged.

However, bunk bed design can be different based on the mattress height. Additionally, the bunk mattresses are found as their corresponding twin or full-size bed.

Bunk bed mattress size

A Bunk bed is designed to fit regular Twin, Twin XL, or full-size mattress. So, it’s important to know bunk bed mattress measurement to perfectly accommodate the bed. You can check the following typical measurements refer to the bunk bed mattress.

Twin size mattress dimension = 38”*75”

Twin XL size mattress dimension = 38”*80”

Full size mattress dimension = 54”*75”

Toddler bed mattress size

You need a toddler bed if you want your child to shift from the crib to a big size mattress. Practically, toddler mattresses and crib mattresses have the same size. In other words, crib mattresses and toddler mattresses are not different; instead, they are the same.

Specifically, in most cases, a toddler bed mattress is 52 inches, and the twin bed mattress is 75 inches long. Therefore, there is 23 inches gap between the toddler bed and twin bed mattress. Sometimes parents prefer introducing a standard twin bed for their toddler. Depending on the child’s age, and size, you’ll find the following mattress in the store.

Crib mattress measurements-28”*52”.

Twin mattress measurements-38”*75”.

Twin XL mattress measurements-38”*80”.

Full mattress measurements-54”*75”.

The sum up

Getting a new mattress can be an intimidating experience because there is confusion about mattress size and quality. On the other hand, you want to get the right product the first time. But how it will be possible if you don’t know how to find the right mattress? Here measuring the mattress correctly is the prerequisite before purchasing a mattress.

In this article, we tried to help you with some information about it. We will appreciate it if we could help you with the ways to get an accurate mattress measurement.

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