How to make a mattress softer-8 quick tips to make your mattress more softer instant

You have bought a mattress and most likely you are uncomfortable with it. You are having aches and pains here and there. It is a pretty common case for many people. Also, people cannot find their perfect firm or a soft mattress as they want.

In these cases, there are some hacks to make your mattress softer. A hard or much firm mattress can be a cause of your back pain. And it is very normal to feel the mattress bit firmer first. But day by day the mattress gets softer.

The company recommends giving the mattress at least 60-70 days before the mattress gets properly fit and gets its original shape. By this time the mattress gets much softer and more comfortable. And if you are wondering how to make it softer then this guide is for you.

But if you need your mattress to be softer fast and you are having issues sleeping with it then we are going to recommend you some 100% working and proven tricks to make your mattress softer. maybe you have spent and tried a lot of ways to make your mattress softer but none of them worked.

Then here we are going to share some tips and tricks to make your mattress softer.If you have a memory foam mattress then we will also share how to soften a memory foam mattress .

Why softness is important?

Before everything you should know why your mattress should be softer and what are the disadvantages of having a harder mattress. Mattress softness or firmness mostly depends on personal preferences and body type. Some people’s body type supports more firm and some peoples softer. 

But a soft mattress is always better for the majority of people. It causes very less very body pain and provides amazing quality of stomach support. Firmness or softness also depends on the person’s body weight and how many people are sleeping on it. If heavyweight people sleep in a softer mattress then they will feel like they are sinking. 

Soft mattresses are much more pressure-sensitive compared to a high firm mattress. A firm mattress usually gets used for spinal support and to maintain proper body support. 

So, if you want a cloud-like feeling mattress for you and want to feel energetic and refresh in the morning with a great sleep then a softer mattress is a must for you. Here are some tips on how to make a mattress softer .

Give heat to the mattress

Like metal mattress also gets softer while it gets heat. It’s proven and tested. All you have to do is turn on your heater of the room and keep it in the high heat for a long time.

The pours of the mattress will open up and if the mattress base is spring then they will get more open to give a softer feeling.

Give time

You may be upset about your mattress that it is not soft as you want but don’t worry by the time it will get softer. Usually, a mattress company says that a mattress takes 60-70 days to properly gets into its actual softness. And also, by the time, it gets softer by getting pressure.

Change the Bed base

For mattresses hard or softness its base plays a huge role. On the box spring, the mattress acts firmer but in the solid foundation, the mattress acts softer. So, choosing your base is very important. The mattress comforts also depend on that. 

Usually, innerspring mattresses are more compatible with the softer mattress. So, if your preference is a soft mattress then you should obviously pick the box bed base.

Use it often

To do that you can sleep more people at the same time. What will it really do is puts pressure on the mattress and makes the spring softer and easy to move? And if it’s a foam base mattress then it will make the pours easier to get down and empty. So, try to put more pressure on your mattress.

Use mattress topper

how to soften a memory foam mattress

If you want an instant result and don’t need that much softness then you can use a mattress topper. It will work instantly if the topper foam is not comfortable in your mattress. 

Egg crate foam

This is the cheapest way to make your mattress softer and we will the most effective as well. It is a layer of foam that goes under the mattress cover or under your bed sheet. What it does is adds a new layer of soft foam on the mattress to make it softer. We have seen lots of people using this. 

People use it like a extra with their mattress to sleep comfortably that is why the company adds some earplugs and eye cover with it which adds more value.

Proper mattress top

If egg crate foam doesn’t work with it and you need more softness in your mattress then you should pick a mattress top with it. Yeah, it might cost an extra bit but we assure you it will work like a charm. Sometimes you might get a combo offer with your mattress. 

They come in various sizes and shapes. We recommend not buy it straight with your mattress because at first you should see the softness of the mattress then add one. Some people need more so they add two mattress tops to their mattress. They also come in various price points so you can choose according to your budget.

Flip the mattress

If your mattress is double-sided usable then flip your mattress because those company who allows the mattress to use double-sided, they make it in a way to use it for the firm and soft both. Usually, one side becomes softer than the others. So maybe you were using the wrong side so before trying anything try it by flipping it.

So, after all of these steps if you could not get your preferred softness then don’t wait and get a new soft mattress that comes softer out of the box. Because before we have talked that your mattress being softer is how much crucial. And now you know how to make a hard mattress softer.

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