How to Keep Mattress From Sliding-Best Guide

It is annoying if the mattress is moving. When you sleep, the bed is moving one side to another, and you can’t sleep well. We can follow some DIY methods to fix this sliding problem.

But a permanent solution is, replace the mattress. If you don’t want to replace it, then this article is for you. We try to give every possible and inexpensive solution to fix the problem.

When and why mattresses slid around?

First of all, we want to know why and when mattress foam starts sliding. How can we avoid this problem? And if it starts sliding, what is the solution. How to keep mattress from sliding?

  • Old mattress: Every mattress has its lifetime. Even it is expensive and high-quality. After a time, your mattress getting old and start sagging lose its shape and move here to there. An old mattress accumulates a layer of oil and dirt over time, and it slid around. The manufacturer recommends replacing a mattress every ten years.
  • Two-Sided Mattress: Many customers prefer dual-sided mattresses. Because it is a double-sided mattress, and you can flip it. To protect it from sagging. Two-sided mattresses rub each other’s top and bottom, and it slid around. You can use a rubber pad; a rubber will help the mattress from sliding.

Platform or box spring beds are smooth and sensitive. There is no gripper or rails into  the base, and it moves around.

  • Jump on: If you have children, they playing and jumping on your bed. It causes the mattress to shake. Even adults also can jump or flop on it. So don’t jump on your bed.

Steps of keep mattress from sliding

keep mattress from sliding

We discuss the causes, why, and when a mattress sliding around. Now we find out the solution. We try to give you a cost-effective and easy solution. For a permanent solution, we highly recommend you to buy a new mattress.

  • A rubber pad or Non-Slip Pad: A common and easy solution is to fix a rubber pad or non-slip pad. This pad is placed between the bed frame and the mattress. A non-slip pad has a natural grip, and your mattress never moves. Your mattress looks thick and also feels the same.

Placing a pad, you should care about the size. If you bought a big size pad then don’t worry, you can easily trim it. What if your mattress is bigger than the pad! Place two smaller size pad and adjust it to your California king size mattress.

You can source your rubber pad around your house, and you don’t need to waste money. You can use:

  • A yoga mat
  • A welcome mat
  • A rug pad

If you have an option to buy a rubber pad, then purchase it. When you place the pad between the bed and metal frame, make sure that the adjustable bed is flat. Create no lumps in your mattress. This is way to keep the mattress from sliding on the platform bed.

  • Velcro Strips: you can source a Velcro tape easily anywhere. This is also an inexpensive solution. First, remove the protective paper and strips on each corner of the mattress. Fix the loop pieces as the opposite as the hook pieces. And the mattress adjusts with the frame perfectly and stops moving.

Keep patience when you hook-and-loop the strips. If the opposite side never matches, then the Velcro fails to work. People may use different types of tape like double-sided carpet tape. But it has strong gum, which may destroy your mattress if you pull it. So we recommend you to use Velcro strips. Use Velcro strips is the easiest way to keep your mattress from sliding.

  • Vacuum under your mattress: Another best solution is to vacuum the mattress. Your bed may be polluted or accumulating debris and dart because of long time use. So flip the mattress over, then vacuum and brush it. Then clean your box spring or bed frame.
  • Bed Frame: Sometimes, your frame is not perfect. If the frame is too large and the mattress is comparatively small, then you should fix it. You may put some pillow, boards, wooden planks, or rolls of soft materials and fill the extra area. If you can, replace the frame. And this time, choose the right size frame. Also, select a frame with a footboard or headboard, which also prevents sliding.

keep mattress from sliding on a metal frame

Sometimes using carpet tape or rubber doesn’t help your mattress from sliding. As it is a metal frame.

Consider the size when you buy a new metal frame or a new mattress. You can use elastic straps in each corner of your bed and fix it.

Try to put side rails around the frame. It helps a lot. Measure the frame and mattress for a good result. You can put wooden sticks on each side. But if you move a lot, then it won’t work for a long time. You can also place the frame close to the corner. Sometimes it works or sometimes not.

If the metal frame is still moving, then it’s time to change it, or you may re-construct it.

How to keep air mattress from sliding

If you are an air mattress user and place your mattress into the floor, then you can put a mat and then place the mattress. This helps the mattress fix with the floor.

Or you can put it on a frame, and again I remind you to choose the right size frame.

Or you Use a few hook-and-loop strips that also keep your air bed from sliding.

Another solution is, place the bed along with the wall.


Why mattress move when sleep?

Maybe your mattress is getting old, or there is not enough rub to keep it fixed. Or, the mattress accumulated dirt, oil, and so on. Or maybe you use a two-sided mattress.

Does a mattress need a frame?

It ups to you, if you want to use a frame, you can use it, or you can skip it. But it is a good idea to use a mattress frame.

Can I put my bed on the floor?

My suggestion is, no! Your mattress may damage quickly or void the warranty.

Are box springs necessary?

Not necessary for all mattresses. It depends on the mattress; if you use a hybrid or innerspring mattresses, then you need a box-spring

How do I keep my futon mattress from slipping?

You may manage a specialized futon slip pads to keep it in place. Or, you use a rubber mat, yoga mat, a rug pad, or Velcro strips. It also gives you a good result.


If you are a regular mattress user, then you should use this problem. And for the new user, I must say this is not a big issue. Every problem has a solution. You can easily keep your mattress from sliding. You find your entire necessary thing around your house, and the process is also easy.

You have many options to keep it from moving, you can choose any one of these, and all are easy and effective. If you use your bed more than 8years, you should buy a new one. This is highly recommending you to discuss with the manufacturer before buying a new bed.

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