How to Fix a Sagging Memory Foam Mattress-Best Way

A memory foam mattress is very comfortable, soft, and flexible to use. It is pressure-sensitive and noise-free. One can use this mattress for a long time, maybe seven years or more.But if you feel body aches or back pain after sleeping on it, or losing its shape. Your mattress starts sagging & you need to fix it.

It may have dips and sags. If so, this article is only for you! Today I discuss about, why and when a mattress starts sagging and How to fix a sagging memory foam mattress.

· We need to know, why memory foam mattress sags does.

· Then, we discuss every possible way to fix it.

· And we discuss, How to Prevent Sagging.

Why does a memory foam mattress sag?

Lack of proper use and maintenance of your mattress can sag. If you know the causes and follow them, it can help you to prevent a mattress from sag.

Extra Pressure: If you give extra pressure on your mattress for a long time, and continually doing the same. It breaks down the layers. If a mattress is 10-inch thick, we can call it a proper size mattress, a thin mattress breaks faster than a thick mattress.

Careful about the weight limit when you buy a new bed. Overweight may damage your bed faster. After sagging, you can put a mattress topper on it. After long time use, it starts sagging.

Poor facilitation: In every mattress, there are some layers placed as its structure. Manufacturers add several layers under a mattress. First, they put a comfort layer next to put a transition layer and a support layer.

The bottom layer is called the support layer. It is thicker than the comfort and transition layers, it helps the mattress to keep its shape perfectly. If your bed has poor support then it will sag faster. When you purchase a memory foam mattress, make sure you consider the support system quality.

Poor Foundation: If you place your mattress basement is then it starts sagging. Then this is no matter how expensive your mattress is! If the frame is at last 3inches wider than the mattress then it starts sagging. Your bed is sinking normally and gives you an uncomfortable sleep.

So fix the extra space with wooden planks or soft rolling materials and prevent it from losing its structure. And before buying it, make sure that the foundation is perfect for your mattress.

Lack of care: Lack of proper maintains and care makes your mattress damage. Clean your mattress regularly, vacuum it each side, and skip using spray on it. Use a cover to maintain proper hygiene and health issues.

Read the Warranty: Not only buying a mattress but also you buy anything, take a look at the warranty. Most of them offer a replacement option if the bed sagging before expiring your warranty card. This card also gives you the guideline preventing sag or provides useful information.

Fix a sagging memory foam mattress

memory foam mattress sagging

After using your mattress for a long time, every mattress can sag. It is normal. The best solution is to buy a new mattress. If you unable to buy a new bed. Then the only option is to fix the sag temporarily. We try to show you the easiest way to repair it until you bay a new one.

Things you need to fix it

· Soft pillows

· Mattress topper or mattress pad

· Mattress helper

· Layer of plywood

01. Place a pillow under the sagging area

If your mattress has a dip in the center, then you need to pick soft and lumpy pillows. Place a soft pillow under the saggy spots and dip area. If there is no dip or saggy spots then skip this step.

02. Install a mattress topper or mattress pad

Install a mattress topper or mattress pad on your mattress is the easiest way to fix your bed. Though this is an effective way to solve this problem, this is a temporary solution. Most toppers have latex mattress material that gives you a lot of contouring capabilities.

For a side sleeper, the mattress topper is comfortable but not for the back sleeper, it may cause back pain, neck pain.

Make sure the size and thickness of the mattress are perfect. You can choose fiber-filled or down-filled or toppers. It ups to your comfort zone. Still, you suffer for sagging then change the mattress.

A key thing recommends for you, if you purchase a mattress topper or pad, it should be changeable. Though the comfort zone ups to you, if the topper is uncomfortable then you have a choice to replace it with another.

03. Add extra support or foundation

To check the foundation, put your mattress on the floor, and find out the problematic area and fix it. If a mattress is unfit, it may sink below the foundation and the bed out of its shape. You can use metal support bars to reinforce your bed.

A solid stricture hampers air circulation and heat through the bottom. It may protect your mattress from pest infestation and mold growth.

For specific information, you should check the mattress warranty card. If you don’t want to buy a new foundation then you have another option. Restore some cardboard or plywood under the sagging area and boost your support.

04. Flip or rotate the mattress

Using or sleeping the same side every day may create dip or spots on your mattress. This cause is our own doing. No matter your mattress is old or new. If we rotate the mattress every two to three months, we can prevent the dip.

If you face the same problem after rotating the mattress then you should flipping it. Most of the modern memory foam doesn’t support to be flipped. Place a comfort layer to the top and the support layer is in the base of the bed. It damages the bad if the comfort layer place into the bottom. Flip the mattresses are not always good for your mattress.

You can only flip dual-sided mattresses. It has a different level on each side of a mattress so you can use both sides. Unless the manufacturer state that, you can never flip your mattress.

How to prevent sagging in the future

Every mattress or sofa bed sags after time, but you can reduce the sagging problem.

· Avoid sleeping on the same side on your mattress.

· Rotate or flip the mattress every two to three months later.

· You can add a gel-infused topper for an extra barrier.

· You should choose a firmer foam mattress. These high-density foams won’t sag easily as its less space and provide more support.

· Try to choose a high-quality mattress that offers you a long time warranty.

· Vacuum and clean your bed every month. And avoid eating or drinking on your bed, it may help to protect your mattress.


How many years does a memory foam mattress last? On average a memory foam mattress lasts seven to eight years, if you are lucky then it may last more than ten years. It also depends on how well you manage your mattress.

· When should I replace my memory foam mattress?

If you feel body pain after sleeping, the mattress became uncomfortable and losing its shape, finds dips and sags in your mattress. If the warranty card is expire. Or the bad is more than seven years old. If you fail to fix it then you should replace your mattress.

· Will a memory foam mattress topper help a sagging mattress?

It is not a permanent solution. But if you want to use a pad then we suggest you purchase a fiber-filled Memory foam mattress.

· Should you flip a memory foam mattress?

Most of the mattresses have no option to flip it unless it’s a dual-sided mattress.

· Do memory foam mattresses get softer with use?

Naturally, a mattress is soft when you buy it. It takes about one month to adjust to a new sleep surface.


If you use memory foam mattress and you should know about it. There are many ways to solve it. If nothing helps then it’s better to change or replace your mattress. Follow the tricks and tips for better results and better sleep overnight.

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