How to Compress a Memory Foam Mattress at Home

If you wish for a comfortable sleep and looking for an affordable mattress that you can move easily then memory foam mattress will be a good choice for you. It helps to relieve body pain, recover injuries. It is pressure-sensitive, easy to transport, protect from grime, easy to set anywhere, anytime.

Before compressing a mattress, we need to know the proper guideline on how to compress a memory foam mattress at home. Otherwise, it may damage. We just need a vacuum machine, a mattress bag, Ratchet straps, Vacuum Bag, roll of packing tape, plastic sheeting, box( it’s up to you)and it will be highly recommended snagging a friend to help you in this process if your mattress is a large size.

There are many types of mattress sizes. Make sure that you should choose the right size mattress bag for the right size mattress. Otherwise, the compressing is not perfect.  For better shape and packaging we should know the right size of mattress bag for the size of the mattress. Here are the size and name of the mattresses:

Size  Dimensions in Inches  
California king size72 x 84
King size76 x 80
Queen size60 x 80
Full size54 x 75
Twin size38 x 75

Steps 1: Gather all things you need for the process

First of all, we need to know how to compress a memory foam mattress and what we need to finish this process.

Vacuum machine:  We need a regular vacuum machine that we use regularly in our home.

how to compress memory foam mattress

Mattress bag: A mattress bag can keep your mattress safe and clean when you move it one place to another or put it in the corner of your house when you need not use it. It is made with heavy-grade 2.0 mil polyethylene plastic. There are different types of mattress bags according to the size of a mattress like twin size, full size, queen size, king size or California king size mattress bag.

Ratchet straps: It helps to secure your mattress and give your mattress extra protection. If the tap or vacuum seal doesn’t work, this tie-down strap helps to keep your mattress protected as it was.

Vacuum Bag: You should choose a vacuum bag that fit the vacuum hose with the valve perfectly. You need not choose a big or high-quality vacuum bag, choose a normal bag but make sure it fits your valve otherwise the process may not work. 

Roll of packing tape: To roll up the mattress, you need packing tape. You can choose any kind of tape but make sure that the tape is not so sticky. If you want to use the mattress bag again then use low sticky packing tape, otherwise, the bag will be damaged and you may not use this bag again. We suggest duct tape when it is heavy-duty nature but you can use packing tape as well.

Box: It’s totally up to you to use a box. It helps to protect your mattress from dirt, pollution. This is optional, you can skip this step.

Step 2:  Compress the mattress

Prepare the mattress

 First of all, prepare the mattress for compression. Remove all the bedding accessories like bedsheets, comforters, blankets, pillows, mattress toppers, and so on. You may leave a mattress protector on your mattress for extra protection.

Put into the bag

Put the mattress into a plastic bag. Make sure the bag size is the same as the mattress. Start from one side of the mattress, raising an end a few inches, and slide the mattress slowly into the bag.

Seal the bag

In this step, you should cut the valve from the vacuum bag. Cut the mattress bag and make a hole. The valve and the hole must be the same size. Push the valve into the hole. Seal the whole area with tape until it became airtight. 

And now it’s time to vacuum. When you vacuum it, you should notice one thing that, the mattress lay flat on the floor and attach the valve to the wide portion (it’s optional).


You can use a regular vacuum cleaner. Attach the valve with the hose and turn on the vacuum. The mattress starts compressing slowly. Wait until the air suck off and it comes to its original size.

Step 3:  Roll on and strap the mattress

Roll it

Once you compress it, it’s time to roll it. Keep it horizontally and start the rolling process. As you roll it, make sure that, no air inside it. We highly recommend you to take help from another when you roll up a big size mattress.

Secure It

Use ratchet straps to secure your mattress. It holds everything together and keeps the mattress rolled and compressed for a long time.

Box it

It’s optional and ups to you, if you need extra care of your mattress or protect the mattress from unwanted pollution then you can put it on a box and keep it anywhere you want.

Things to Consider

  • If your mattress meets the below criteria, you may consider replacing it.
  • If your memory foam is more than seven years old. Then it is high time you should replace your mattress.
  • Every morning you wake up with pain in your body or feel uncomfortable then you should change it.
  • If your mattress is losing its shape or cracks on it.


We compress memory foam because we protect it from unwanted damage, dirt, crack, and easy to move one place to another when you shift in a new place. If you have a question on your mind that, can we fold it? The answer will be yes!  If you have solid foam, it can safely be manipulated to bend or fold for easy move.

Note: This guide for compression memory foam only. This should not follow for the Innersprings mattress compression and roll-up. Or you should contact the mattress company and Follow proper instructions to prevent damage to your bed and proper uses. Don’t forget to check the warranty before compressing a mattress as the contract may void as a result.

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