How to Break in a New Mattress-Best Guide

After a hectic day all, you deserve a relaxing, peaceful sleep. Definitely, a right mattress is crucial to let the stress flow out of your body. Moreover, we can’t deny the importance of a suitable bed in achieving good back health.

In contrast, the benefits of the mattress do not come right away. Did you notice the new mattress feel firmer than the first trial in the store? You might need to know how to break in a mattress to get the ultimate benefits. Let us help you understand ways to break in a new mattress. Hopefully, you’ll make the bed softer without spending money.

How long to break In a new mattress?

how long to break in a new mattress

Practically, most mattresses take anywhere from 30 to 90 days to fully break-in. Maybe your bed is different from the previous one, or it is more rigid from the beginning. Likewise, your body needs a little time to get used to a new mattress. Different break-in time depends on various design and fabric material. Like a new pair of stiff jeans, mattress fabric also needs time to conform to your body.

Some people may consider the breaking period too long. But we use any mattress for 8 to 10 years. So, considering the durability, 30 t0 90 days is little time for your good. Finally, we can say that good thing come with patience!

Brilliant ways how to break in a new mattress 

Fortunately, every little way to soften the mattress encourages it to be more flexible. We will outline some easy and effective techniques on how to break in a firm mattress.

Let the mattress breath out

Do you style your mattress with a colorful bed sheet and pillows after bringing it home? Or, can you sleep on a mattress straight away? It’s the wrong idea. Well, it’s recommended to let the mattress take a breath for a few hours before doing so. Before delivery, the mattress was compressed in a box or wrapped with plastic.

So, it will take some time to expand to its full size. Thus, introducing oxygen flow into the mattress materials softens them more quickly and helps to start the break-in process faster. However, Sleeping on or using the mattress soon can hindrance the break-in process.

Put on the pressure and weight

You can help loosen mattress materials a little quicker by gently walking around on it. Besides, providing pressure with your hands and feet will also work. If you have kids, ask them to move around on the mattress. But never try to jump on the bed because you can break a bed by jumping on it. Even you can spend some fun time with your kids by rolling over the mattress like a rolling pin.

In the case of memory foam beds, these ticks are very beneficial. On the contrary, it’s recommended to crawl on your hands and knees for an innerspring mattress. Otherwise, you will damage the springs. If you are don’t want to walk along your bed, put heavy stuff on it-for instance, hardcover books and boxes. Make sure you distribute the weight all over the mattress. 

Keep the room warmer

After purchasing a mattress, probably you are worried and thinking ‘how to break in a firm mattress?’ There is a fruitful way to speed up the break-in process. Warming up your room by a few degrees more can lead the mattress to soften and conform to your body. 

Often sleep on the mattress

Sleeping on your bed will adjust the firmness to your comfort level. We know, maybe you’re upset or discouraged from spending the night in your bed. But we emphasize you should sleep in your new bed every night. You can spend your pastime reading, watching television, or talking over the phone in the bed as well. So you know how to break in a hard mattress without putting extra effort.

How to break in a memory foam mattress?

The primary kind of memory foam includes a layer of memory foam with springs or support foam. Memory foam molds to your body using your body heat and pressure. When you take out the pressure, it returns to its original structure.

It provides fantastic support along with the curves and natural lines of the body. If you’re feeling discomfort with memory foam mattress, then try the following steps to improve your comfort level.

1. You don’t need to do much apart from sleeping on memory foam. However, we suggest waiting for one or two days before sleeping on it. Your body weight is enough for making the mattress flexible. You’ll love to know that sometimes memory foam needs less than one week to expand.

2. Walking or kneading on memory foam mattress will show you softening gradually.

3. Firmness is proportional to heat sensitivity. It becomes more flexible when the room temperature is higher. Similarly, it feels a little firm in a cooler environment. So, keep your room a little warmer to continue the expansion process.

Breaking in a tempurpedic mattress

Tempurpedic is one of the most famous brands for memory foam mattresses. It is more durable and pressure relieving than a traditional memory foam mattress. It got many positive reviews for its high quality and comfortability.

Even so, when you lie on your mattress for the first time, you’ll feel something different. And a question comes into your mind ‘how to break in a Tempurpedic mattress?’ It should be highlighted that within two weeks, you’ll feel the comfortability that you like to have. You can do the following steps for breaking in Tempurpedic Mattress.

1. You can consistently spend your time sleeping, taking a nap, or doing other appropriate on the bed.

2. More actions in Tempurpedic will allow mattress cells to be completely opened.

3. Mattress should be allowed to air out by making it used to of changing body weight and heat.

The sum up

We will feel great if we could help you with some information on breaking in a mattress. Hopefully, now you know how long to break in a new mattress within a short time. If you are not satisfied with the result after some break-in period, you can still consider more time to be happy. Moreover, you can enjoy other options of the return policy.

Nonetheless, it’s better to think before what type of mattress is right for you. You can take help from reviews given by verified buyers or mattress specialists. We hope by applying the tips we shared, you’ll have a peaceful and deep sleep. 

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